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Within the pulsating coronary heart of the Los Angeles indie rock scene, a dynamic duo is quickly ascending the ranks, capturing the zeitgeist with their multifaceted sound and profound lyrical introspection. Maddison Falls, comprised of teenage prodigies Julien Fiore and Joel Soto, is rising as a significant voice, mixing a reverence for traditional rock with a fearless exploration of genres starting from jazz and funk to reggae and hip-hop. Their debut single, “Each Sides,” launched in April 2024, is a testomony to their distinctive artistry and boundless potential.

Julien Fiore, commanding each lead vocals and drums, and Joel Soto, wielding the lead guitar with fiery precision whereas including one other layer of vocals, met serendipitously at NAMM in 2023. Their prompt bond over eclectic musical tastes and a shared ardour for songwriting set the stage for what would quickly change into Maddison Falls. This partnership flourished by means of numerous hours spent honing their craft, culminating within the formation of a full band and common performances throughout Los Angeles. Recognizing the magic they created collectively, Julien and Joel dedicated themselves totally to their music, embarking on a journey that formally started with “Each Sides.”

“Each Sides” is a mid-tempo grunge anthem that drips with uncooked emotion and crunchy rock grit. Julien Fiore’s brooding melodic vocals infuse the observe with a palpable sense of sentiment, whereas his strong drumming grounds the track’s momentum. Joel Soto’s lead guitar work is equally exceptional, characterised by its hard-edged depth and managed aggression, making the observe as appropriate for radio play as it’s for area performances.

At its core, “Each Sides” navigates the advanced terrain of self-reflection, change, and the duality of existence. The track’s vivid imagery—chrome, mirrors, fireworks, butterflies—paints an image of a world that’s concurrently acquainted and ever-evolving. Balancing introspection with an outward-looking perspective, the observe acknowledges private development whereas additionally reflecting on the shared human expertise.

The track opens with a nostalgic tone, encapsulated within the line “spilling beats on the drums,” which evokes a way of spontaneity and creativity from the artist’s youth. This nostalgic aspect is juxtaposed with a declaration of feeling nice and a willingness to be alone, suggesting a assured self-reliance and contentment in solitude.

The recurring phrase “Right here we go” acts as a rallying cry, injecting the track with vitality and ahead momentum. This phrase, strategically positioned all through the verses and choruses, reinforces the theme of embarking on a journey and embracing no matter comes subsequent.

The refrain, with its duality of “the darkish and the sunshine,” encapsulates the complexity of life, acknowledging that pleasure and sorrow coexist, and understanding each is essential for a fuller appreciation of 1’s journey. The verses, steeped in nostalgia, floor the track in private historical past, whereas the transformative imagery of the refrain elevates it to a common stage.

Maddison Falls’ “Each Sides” stands as a considerate and evocative piece that makes use of its rock basis to delve into themes of development, change, and duality. The lyrics invite listeners to replicate on their very own experiences and the passage of time, all whereas sustaining a way of optimism and readiness for what lies forward. This stability of introspective and expansive components makes “Each Sides” a compelling pay attention, resonating deeply with anybody who has contemplated the complexities of life.

As Maddison Falls continues to carve out their place within the indie rock panorama, “Each Sides” is not only a debut single; it’s a daring assertion of intent. Julien Fiore and Joel Soto are right here to remind us that even in a consistently altering world, music stays a robust drive for reflection, connection, and transformation. With their mix of traditional rock reverence and fashionable innovation, Maddison Falls is poised to depart their distinctive mark on the music scene, one gripping rock anthem at a time.


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