Ted Nugent Drums Up Broadly Debunked Declare That Chinese language Eating places Serve Canine Meat

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Rock musician, crackpot, and prime comedy fodder Ted Nugent mentioned one thing silly once more. Shade me shocked. In a latest interview with The Chuck Shute Podcast, Nugent talked concerning the latest loss of life of his beloved canine, Blissful, and someway managed to tie that into an argument in favor of looking rights. Yeah, I don’t perceive it both. However right here’s his newest unhinged rant, as transcribed by Blabbermouth:

“I eat venison. I don’t eat canines. [Former U.S. president] Barack Obama eats canines, however I don’t eat canines. And I’ve some buddies in Vietnam and China that eat canines, and it’s meat. If that’s what you wanna eat, however we don’t have that relationship with our canines. Regardless that for those who go to a Chinese language restaurant, I promise you you’re gonna eat canines in some unspecified time in the future and cats. The purpose is, is that I’m a hunter, a fisherman and trapper. I harvest the excess to keep up a wholesome atmosphere. Anyone who’s received an issue with that’s like mind lifeless. You’ve gotta be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet to suppose you may cease trying to find one season. I donate tons of venison, which is the purest, most wholesome, nutritious, scrumptious protein on the planet. [My wife] Shemane and I, and my son, my household, we donate tons of venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Do you actually know any person that has an issue with that? Are you able to notice how soulless, how nasty an individual must be to go, ‘Properly, you shouldn’t feed the homeless venison.’ [Laughs] Fuck you. “

Okay, there’s a ton of silly shit to unpack there. However let’s begin along with his declare that Barack Obama eats canines. You is likely to be questioning what the hell the Nuge is speaking about there. Properly, in Obama’s 1995 autobiography Goals from My Father, the previous president instructed a narrative about being fed canine meat one time in Indonesia when he was touring there as a toddler along with his stepfather. So, in 2012, when the scandal got here out through the election about Mitt Romney placing his household canine in a kennel on the highest of his automotive throughout a household journey in 1983, the right-wing tried to hit again by mentioning that Obama ate a canine as soon as. Contemplating that no rational particular person would contemplate a grown grownup cruelly placing a canine in an unsafe and terrifying scenario to be on the identical degree as a toddler being fed canine by a tradition the place that’s customary, the scandal rapidly blew over and Obama simply trounced Romney within the election.

Then there’s the declare that you simply’re going to eat canines and cats at Chinese language eating places, which is patently false. As Snopes factors out, whereas there are some distant areas in China that do eat cats and canines, the apply has by no means been delivered to Europe or North America, and there’s no one sneaking canine or cat meat into your Kung Pao hen. It’s a declare generally drummed up by racists to make Asian cultures appear unusual or “different.” As for Nugent’s declare that he personally has buddies in Vietnam and China that eat canines, I discover it exhausting to consider that Nugent has buddies in any respect not to mention Vietnamese and Chinese language buddies who put up along with his fixed racism.

As for his feedback about looking, clearly there’s a variety of debate over animal rights and looking typically and I’m not going to attempt to persuade anybody right here to share my opinions on animal rights. That being mentioned, Nugent is all about pulling your self up by your bootstraps and wrote in a 2014 put up on his web site that the poor in America have the whole lot handed to them and haven’t any incentive to work, so it appears a bit of unusual that he’s instantly claiming to donate to homeless shelters and claiming an ethical superiority about it.


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